Since its beginning, Carigi represents excellence, rarity, and beauty. It therefore uses the best craftsmen and the finest gems. But above all, Carigi likes to stand for confidence, honest dealing and transparency.

Carigi has a very clear philosophy about honest business. Only diamonds of the highest quality standards are used and are accompanied by their corresponding certificate issued by the Diamond High Council (HRD) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Carigi also guarantees that it only purchases diamonds from legitimate sources in compliance with the Kimberley Agreement resolutions. Besides that, Carigi has its own house brand of pearls which are all carefully selected and purchased according to the same philosophy that Carigi governs in buying gems. Keeping this in mind, Carigi designs its own creations and employs the very best specialists. It is therefore a house where you can purchase a high-end piece of jewellery in full confidence or where you can make your own creations using your own stones.