Really understanding diamonds, the most noble of all precious stones, is a competence that cannot be taught in books or even workshops. It comes with years of experience and knowledge, acquired through effort and commitment to the trade.

The commonly referred to “4C’s” are an oversimplified explanation of diamond quality. Especially as most people only refer to 3 “C’s” when speaking of diamonds, namely “Carat” (weight), “Color” and “Clarity”. Not that these are not important, on the contrary, they are the very essence of diamond grading. But the true value, the true diamond quality is for a large part determined by the fourth “C” which is the “Cut”. Speaking of the “Cut” of a diamond is in fact referring to the quality in which the diamond has been cut and polished. Cutting a natural rough crystal into a perfect polished diamond is one of the last crafts that can rightfully be called an art. A properly proportioned and polished diamond achieves a perfect balance of brilliance, dispersion and fire. More than any other factor, the precise positioning of the facets of a diamond is the secret to its beauty. And beauty trumps size, every time.