At Carigi we are inspired by life, by an ever changing world, by what surrounds us every day and, most of all, by diamonds.

We feel that important stones should always be treated important and that they deserve an exquisite piece of jewellery that stands as the platform for the diamonds to shine in all their brilliance. This can be a contemporary classic that is built around a unique centerpiece, this can also be a daring creation where even the smallest detail is essential to the balance of its beauty. But in every design we work tirelessly to create a certain elegance, a certain aura that appeals to the heart of its suitor.In addition, Carigi is proud to offer a service that defines the true meaning of bespoke jewellery. A truly bespoke design service is a process of consultation and discussion, of learning and understanding one’s sensibilities and desires, and ultimately realizing this emotion into a masterpiece that reflects the personality of its future owner.