Necklace with different floral motifs from the ‘Petals’ collection in pink gold, set with diamonds and pink mother of pearl.
Long earrings from the ‘Petals’ collection, in yellow gold, set with diamonds and white mother of pearl.
Rings from the ‘Petals’ collection.
Trio of unique pearl ring creations.
Three fine strands of selected pearls, presenting a white South Sea necklace, a grey Tahitian and a golden Indonesian necklace.
A compilation of our ‘Pavé Nouveau’ rings collection.
Beautiful ring, set with a fancy intense yellow heart shaped diamond.
Special combination of emerald cut with brilliant cut diamonds, set in a melt between pink and white gold.
Contemporary classic pears bracelet.
Important diamond solitaire ring.
Modern ring, in a combination of yellow, pink and white diamonds and gold.
Classic trilogy ring, boasting a beautiful green emerald.
Exquisite ring from the ‘Drops & Diamonds’ Collection, boasting three rows of pearshape and round diamonds.